Health at the end of your feet !

Wake up the body so it can protect itself Reflexology is derived from traditional oriental medicine.
Five thousand years of history make it a tried technique offering a natural solution to our so-called “civilization” ills (stress-related ills in particular) that give rise to aches and tensions in the body. Developed in the West at the start of the 20th century, reflexology focuses on the patient’s feet.

Why the feet ?

Because they are a miniature representation of the human body. The sole and the top of the foot contain about sixty reflex points connected to an organ or particular function: the heart, liver, kidneys, circulation …
When an organ is not functioning properly, the practitioner exerts the right amount of pressure on one or more reflex points to re-establish the defective function and the balance. The extreme sensitivity of the feet (there are 7200 nerve endings on each foot) makes them a very interesting vehicle. They are like an open book. There is a Chinese saying that when you touch the feet, you touch the soul! Reflexology salves our ills by freeing the body of unwanted tension..

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