Manual Massages

Give in to your desires wellness. A whole world designed for your peace of mind …

californian Massage Oil of your choice

Refreshes yourself and gives your tired body and mind a boost. This relaxing massage with strong and soft pressures achieves a full body balance.

"swedish" MASSAGE With Ginger and Green Tea Oils 103©Beranger

A special after ski massage which helps draining the toxins and prevents muscles strains. Main action on lower limbs.

Reflexology Oil of your choice

Massage that stimulates the immune system. With particulars pressures on body reflex points, the energetic balance is restored by releasing the unnecessary tensions.

Slimming massage With honey enriched extract ginger and caffeine

To destroy and destocking the fat

Spécific Massage Legs and reflexology

Ce massage est axé principalement sur la récupération musculaire après l’effort. Différentes manœuvres de pétrissage, drainage et mobilisation des membres inférieurs seront accompagnées d’un massage complet du pied et d’une séance de réflexologie.

Ayurvedic Massage

Beyond its physical benefits, this massage comes from India nourishes the body, senses and soul. It relaxes you, revigorates you, improves your circulation, increases your resistance, restores you trust and a sensation of lightness.

"HOT STONES" Massage With precious orientals oils

Hot stones therapy is a special massage that uses smooth, heated stones. They are often basalt, a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well..



All massages can be gived for one hour or half an hour. You can add 2 different massages for one hour session, For exemple : ½ scalp treatment and ½ reflexology

Half an hour massage 50€ / For 3 sessions 145€ / For 6 sessions 270€

One hour massage 90€ / For 3 sessions 245€ / For 6 sessions 465€

Hot stone massage 105€

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