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Face care HORMETA Care regenerating collagen

Intense hydration, regeneration profound , long-term revitalization.
Collagen combined with a cocktail of active ingredients ( BioLift , royal jelly, trace elements) and a restructuring serum ( regenerating assets and hyaluronic acid)fills your skin.
The skin is softer, firmer, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed.

Face care (60 min) 90€ " Gold Ancestral Ceremony "

This exclusive face care, made with oriental mud of the desert and prickly pear oil is a mystical Orient beauty ritual. It will stimulate, revitalize, purify and calm your skin. Thanks to the prickly pear oil used in this care, this treatment is the perfect anti-wrinkles product for all types of skin.

Face care (45 min) 70€ " SULTANE DE SABA "

Deep cleansing black soap and honey mask

Face care (45 min) 50€ FOR YOU , MEN

The " King Salomon" face care

Body care (30 min) 45€ SCRUBS

The scrub refines and illuminates the texture of the skin.

Black soap scrub with eucalyptus and kessa glove
Scrub with green tea and ginger
Scrub with silk proteins
Ayurvedics salts scrub
Champaka wax exfoliation
Slimming scrub


Legs 30€
Small bikini 20€
Half legs 20€
Upper lip 10€
Armpits 15€
Eyebrows 10€
Bikini 15€
Integral bikini 25€
Hair removal package from 42€


Manicure , nail polish , regennerating care

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